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US-9888281-B2: Set-top box, client, system and method for access of virtual desktop patent, US-D747876-S: Stackable basket patent, US-D759002-S: Stand for monitor patent, US-D777978-S: Hair iron patent, US-D779408-S: Vehicle wheel patent, US-D789578-S: Lighted vehicle fender marker patent, US-8608465-B2: Positive-displacement rotary pump having a positive-displacement auxiliary pumping system patent, US-8611710-B2: Optical collector and device with optical collector patent, US-8673944-B2: Solid pharmaceutical composition comprising amlodipine and losartan with improved stability patent, US-8674477-B2: Semiconductor package with embedded spiral inductor patent, US-8676386-B2: Fault detection system for a generator patent, US-8696952-B2: Method of producing polymeric particles with selected size, shape, morphology and composition patent, US-8730288-B2: Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and correction value information generating method patent, US-8740406-B2: Method and apparatus for solid state illumination patent, US-8742888-B2: Communication apparatus having human body contact sensing function and method thereof patent, US-8751837-B2: Low-power subsystem for portable computers patent, US-8788485-B2: Method and system for remote binding of meta-content to a uniform resource identifier patent, US-8799005-B2: Systems and methods for capturing event feedback patent, US-8801485-B2: Frit sealing system and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display (OLED) apparatus using the same patent, US-8810511-B2: Handheld electronic device with motion-controlled cursor patent, US-8845468-B2: Friction drive belt and belt transmission system using the same patent, US-8846403-B2: Method of screening for protein secretion recombinant host cells patent, US-8856870-B1: Methods, devices, and mediums associated with dynamic forum generation patent, US-8859157-B2: Fuel cell system and its control method patent, US-8902479-B2: Image processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-8917073-B2: Cot converter with controlled frequency and associated method patent, US-8962388-B2: Method and apparatus for supporting a computer chip on a printed circuit board assembly patent, US-8968033-B2: Electrical connector and interface thereof patent, US-8976347-B2: Inspection apparatus patent, US-8980263-B2: Pharmaceutical composition comprising antibody composition which specifically binds to CCR4 patent, US-8993721-B2: Peptides for targeting apoptotic cells and uses thereof patent, US-9008469-B2: Mach-zehnder optical modulator having an asymmetrically-loaded traveling wave electrode patent, US-9016603-B2: Fuel injector patent, US-9051124-B2: Device for supplying molded parts in a beverage filling plant patent, US-9075758-B2: Removable storage device with transactional operation support and system including same patent, US-9077105-B2: Structure of electromagnetic electrical connection device patent, US-9122090-B2: Transparent display device patent, US-9214170-B2: TMR device with low magnetostriction free layer patent, US-9226797-B2: Computer aided implantation of body implants patent, US-9300769-B2: System for and method of adapting a mobile device having a camera to a reader for electro-optically reading targets patent, US-9313043-B2: Method and apparatus for the deterministic capture of a communication channel shared among contention based technologies patent, US-9318427-B2: Flexible display substrate with wire in curved bending area patent, US-9331678-B2: Local oscillator signal generation patent, US-9333401-B2: Multi-piece driver with separately cast hosel patent, US-9355835-B2: Method and apparatus for processing substrate patent, US-9380885-B1: Modular seat and shelving system patent, US-9454721-B2: Document copy with data-bearing halftone image patent, US-9531725-B2: Optimizing infrastructure support based on authenticated access, validation and context related information retrieval patent, US-9532431-B2: Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9533681-B2: Vehicle cruise control device patent, US-9537435-B2: Stepping motor and timepiece provided with stepping motor patent, US-9538883-B2: Grating disc for a food processor and a food processor comprising a grating disc patent, US-9543394-B2: Quantum rod and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9601777-B2: Anode for lithium secondary battery, method for manufacturing same, and lithium secondary battery including same patent, US-9622131-B2: Handover of direct peer to peer communication patent, US-9628441-B2: Attack defense method and device patent, US-9650227-B2: Elevator patent, US-9674803-B2: Out-of synchronization detection and correction during compression patent, US-9680398-B2: Multi-bridge topology patent, US-9684362-B2: Battery powered device patent, US-9691147-B2: Method and system for feature extraction and decision making from series of images patent, US-9717199-B2: Tomato line PSQ9Z13-9075 patent, US-9725256-B1: Automatic staged object feeding and discharging system patent, US-9728752-B2: Alkaline battery including cathode can with coating composed of nickel-cobalt alloy patent, US-9745046-B2: Aircraft transparency with pressure seal and/or anti-static drain patent, US-9755243-B2: Electrode catalyst layer for fuel cells, electrode for fuel cells, membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells, and fuel cell patent, US-9765955-B2: LED candle bulb and LED candle light patent, US-9776604-B2: Integrated brake device for vehicle patent, US-9783210-B2: Arrangement of a passenger information system in a rail vehicle patent, US-9799190-B2: Security system tracking of remote items using reduced power patent, US-9805214-B2: Method and device for encrypting or decrypting content patent, US-9860758-B2: Systems and methods for placing virtual serving gateways for mobility management patent, US-9871197-B2: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-D735923-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D745307-S: Coffee maker patent, US-D767959-S: Hand-held power tool patent, US-D786980-S: Faceplate for a videogame controller patent, US-D804711-S: Luminaire having multiple illumination panels patent, US-D808665-S: T-shirt logo patent, US-RE33451-E: Artificial blood and other gas transport agents patent, US-8621091-B1: System and method for synchronizing settings and state information for a browser component patent, US-8640617-B2: Multi-drive printed product processing device with verified feedback control patent, US-8657250-B2: Mount for a mobile satellite antenna system with vibration and shock isolation patent, US-8660451-B2: Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-8674658-B2: System and method for charging plural information handling system batteries patent, US-8675211-B2: Fork light barrier, and device and method for determining position by means of a fork light barrier patent, US-8693130-B2: Magnetic disk device and control method thereof, and information processor patent, US-8750870-B2: Method and apparatus for positioning of devices in a wireless network patent, US-8759082-B2: Analytical instrument for evaluating microbial contamination of an object patent, US-8770167-B2: Starting device for combustion engine patent, US-8804245-B2: Stacked diffraction optical element including an optical element made of organic-inorganic composite resin material patent, US-8821681-B2: Apparatus and method for wet treatment of disc-like articles patent, US-8837189-B2: Content addressable memory patent, US-8875842-B2: Cap for a grease nipple patent, US-8879872-B2: Method and apparatus for restoring resolution of multi-view image patent, US-8891916-B2: Surface-plasmon-polaritons tunable optical resonant ring filter patent, US-8915354-B1: Device for arranging and storing jewelry having organizing clasps patent, US-8919916-B2: Printing system, printing method and printing medium patent, US-8919992-B2: LED lighting device and method for manufacturing an LED lighting device patent, US-8936310-B2: Headrest and vehicle seat provided with the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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